Terms and Conditions



By using the VIPassist website and submitting a booking request, all clients automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions set by VIPassist.


The passenger is responsible for ensuring that relevant people are contacted via telephone numbers provided by VIPassist if they believe that changes to their travel plans may cause alterations to the meeting time and place. Passengers must contact us immediately if they require additional services in order for us to be able to meet those requirements. Passengers must contact us 48h before the departure/arrival time if they choose not to travel on the date provided to us or wish to cancel a booking. Passengers must inform VIPassist if they are travelling with heavy or large bags that may not fit in the VIP CHAUFFEUR DRIVEN VEHICLE to arrange appropriate vehicles. Passengers must allow sufficient time when booking a service in order to complete all formalities in time for departure. If a passenger needs to reclaim VAT, this may take longer than expected; therefore, the meeting time must be early to avoid missing flights or other disappointments. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct travel documents required.


If bookings are cancelled more than 24h before the scheduled flight time, the full amount will be refunded, or a credit can be added for future bookings. If bookings are cancelled within 24h of the scheduled flight time, FULL CHARGES will apply. If bookings are changed 24h prior to the service, changes will not be subject to additional charges. If the service details are changed less than 24h prior to the service time, we reserve the right to apply extra charges. If the service details are changed less than 24h prior to the service time, we reserve the right to charge in FULL if the changes cause severe alteration to our operation. No show will be charged in full. VIPassist will charge a fee, depending on the service location, if the service is before 7 am or after 10 pm. VIPassist will charge a fee, depending on service location, if the service is on the same dates as major national holidays. VIPassist will charge extra fees if any service exceeds the 2-hour period.


VIPassist will not be responsible for any loss or damage while using our service. Clients cannot use VIPassist to obtain an exemption from official checks such as security, immigration etc. VIPassist reserves the right that Fast Track may only be available at specific times, and passengers may need to travel in appropriate classes in order to access these lanes. VIPassist is only responsible if the passengers are allowed access to lounges, check in or boarding the aircraft. VIPassist may change these terms and conditions at any time, all changes are available upon request, and all changes will be posted on our website. VIPassist must not be liable for any unforeseen charges in the event of a missed flight or denied access. © 2020 VIPassist, all rights reserved. ANY CHANGES TO THIS BOOKING OR ANY EXTRA EXPENSES BEYOND AGREED FEE FOR THE SERVICE MUST BE REPORTED TO VIPASSIST WITHIN 24H VIA EMAIL ON meet@vipassist.co.uk